Dan Partain

User Experience-er

13 years of making bits and pixels more human.

Currently: Manager of Customer & User Experience at SurveyGizmo

Voice of the Customer

During my time managing the SurveyGizmo NPS, we raised it a staggering 57 points!

If you listen, the user will tell you what they need.

I took over SurveyGizmo’s Voice of Customer and Feedback program right around the time that we hit our all time low: a sad 1.8.

We turned it all around by focusing on the user, analyzing every single response, replying to each person, and reporting on trends to the whole company every week.

By using customer input to prioitize dev work, redesigning areas of the app that users identified as problematic, and coordinating with practically every team in the company, we've made huge strides since the days of historically low NPS.

Now SurveyGizmo's NPS is consistently in the 50s, a best of class score rarely seen in software.

Dan is a strong motivator of everyone who comes in contact with him, and this makes him an outstanding and magnetic leader.

— Bryan Stuart, Navy Seal, Retired


of users say that the User Interface and Ease of Setup is their favorite thing about SurveyGizmo

Oversee multiple products with thousands of users and concurrent releases while maintaining a consistent inter-product roadmap?


Skillfully wrangle teams with diverse contributors?

You got it.

Wear all the hats and get my hands dirty on all kinds of user-related projects?

Yes, please.

All while delivering top-notch designs, collaborating across the organization, and contributing to high-priority projects?

That's what I live for.

In addition to being a strong leader, Dan is an outstanding designer. He always looks out for the user first. He can has a knack for making complex workflows feel easy and intuitive.

— Layla Soileau, Principal User Experience Designer, Theresa Neil Strategy + Design

User-centered design is more than trying to think like a user, it's actually listening to real live people.

Your users are more than just numbers on an A/B test, a lifetime value score, or percentages on a report. They are real people with wants and needs, and they are dying for you to design something they will love.

Talk to them and, more importantly, listen.

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